By Stephanie Azaria September 23, Stephanie is experiencing some serious health challenges and is currently receiving medical attention. She will not be writing horoscopes this week but will return as soon as she is able. Please check back soon. We wish you all the best for the Equinox! Much love to Stepanie for a smooth and speedy recovery.

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By Stephanie Azaria September 16, Stephanie is taking her first vacation ever. The horoscopes will return on September 23rd in honor of the Equinox.

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We will all be undergoing a major and unprecedented physical transmutation process during the weeks ahead. It's an important time to stay tuned to you. For more information, please check out the daily blog, which has been left open for everyone during these few weeks See you soon Join the Mailing List:.

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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

In the zodiac, Cancer is symbolised by a cautious crab; armed with a tough exterior to protect them from the outside world. While their pincers might look deadly and pack a powerful pinch, they exist mostly as a bluff. Our dearest Cancers are much more likely to scuttle sideways when conflict arises than launch any sort of attack. Their approach tends to centre what is felt during conflict rather than adhering to more traditional logic. Cancers are protectors of the home. So, this Cancer season is all about finding radical softness and locating intuition.

Forget holding back tears or running away from extreme emotions. Just let yourself be in your feelings. Listen to a wet playlist that has you sniffling on the tube. Eclipses cause rapid change. They demand attention and bring awareness to areas of our lives that need an overhaul. Mercury retrogrades send us deep into introspection and reflection.

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Expect the unexpected during this time, as well as messages from people of your past. Rest and retreat are on the agenda this Cancer season, but so is revolution.

With this in mind, here are my thoughts for each of the 12 signs! A gentle reminder to readers — I encourage you to learn your Rising and Moon signs in addition to your Sun sign, and read those predictions as well. Your relationship to the universe is a deep, ancestral one built on all planetary positions when you were born. Happy solar return, Cancer! The combined New Moon and a solar eclipse in your sign on 2 July has you reeling with potential. As the solar eclipse infuses causes unpredictable commotion, use the chaos around you as inspiration to dream big.

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Remember that anything can happen in this lifetime and others. When Venus enters your sign the next day on 3 July, your loving nature gets a glowing boost,. This beautiful movement, which shows off your magnetic warmth, feels light and fun, but also gives you a chance to find renewed love for yourself and the sources of pleasure you bring into your life.

Ask yourself: How do you cherish others?

Have you shown your body the love it deserves lately? Mercury is retrograding through your sign this month beginning around 7 July. Focus on self-forgiveness, rather than letting past anxieties creep into your future. You know the person you are now is very different to then. The Sun in Cancer has you working hard to prepare for your season just around the corner, Leo! With lots of cosmic movement happening in areas of your chart to do with spirituality, the occult, and endings, you can feel a shift happening both deep within you and around your work environments.

The month kicks off with action-planet Mars entering your sign on 1 July, providing raw energy for you to take initiative in matters of self and unique creative expression. Then, with the eclipses beginning a few days later on 3 July alongside the New Moon in Cancer, you find yourself thinking seriously about how creativity plays a role in your relationship to finances and your career.

The arts and creative fields often function within a stressful gig economy that mixes our public identities with brands and institutions.

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The Mercury Retrograde season will aid in this reflection, and under the influence of Capricorn energy, the Moon should provide a generous push towards a clean slate. Be wary though! The beginning of July is setting you up to explore and reflect upon your friendships and groups. The New Moon in Cancer and Solar eclipse on 2 July stimulates spontaneous action in these matters, as well as with folx you hold close.

Look out for new people or situation-ships that could crop up with the spontaneous nature of the eclipse season. Do tread forward with caution, though. When communication planet Mercury begins its retrograde on 7 July and continues on until 2 August, feelings and faces from your past might appear in a chaotic way. Use the Full Moon and Solar eclipse in Capricorn on 16 July to find a quiet release that brings you joy.

Virgo Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

The spirit of Cancer season nudges you to take a social media break, treat yourself to a takeaway in bed, or snuggle up with a good book. The super social vibes of early July might not always gel with your love of stillness and crucial alone time, so carve out some respite. On 2 July the chaotic eclipse energy starting on the same day as the New Moon in Cancer has all of your attention on how your work, personal projects, and reputation merge together to form such a major area of your life, and whether or not you find enough joy in it.

Sort out your resume, send some inquiry emails, and dive into a research phase of planning out what you want.

The Full Moon in Capricorn on 16 July finds you retreating into the calm of your home, and ready to clear out energies that are making your space stagnant. Cancer season finds you with your nose deep in a book, Scorpio.