Jupiter will be transiting Scorpio Sign in your 9th house, and this promises to be a favorable transit for you. If you are in a job and expecting a promotion etc.

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Any new ventures which you wish to start in this year, then if possible start them after September this year. Those who are having business or operations connected with consultancy, tourism or entertainment, etc.

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Finance professionals are also going to do well this year. This year is favorable for planning a child or getting pregnant.

The Jupiter's transit is favorable for married as well as people who are in love. This year is bright for students and research scholars.

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Jupiter will be transiting Scorpio Sign in your 9th house ,from January to 30th of March After that, it will transit from 30th of March to 22nd of April in Sagittarius Sign over 10th from your moon sign. After 22nd of April , it will be again transiting Scorpio Sign till 4th of November over your 9th house, after that it will again come back to Sagittarius sign from 5th of November It will be in retrograde motion on 10th of April and will become direct on 11th of August Saturn will be transiting in Sagittarius Sign over 10th from your moon sign for the whole of the year It will be in retrograde motion from 30th of April to the 18th of September.

It will enter Gemini Sign over 4th from your moon sign from 7th of March onwards. Ketu South Node will be transiting in Sagittarius sign over 10th from your moon sign, from 7th of March onwards.

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  8. Like the change in job, problems at work, delay in promotion, not able to find a good job, loss of business, etc. Find an answer to your questions. Both of you might have some aggressive tendencies. You should try to control harsh and foul language so that you might reduce the chances of separation and disputes. For an in-depth analysis of your marriage prospects, you can opt for our Marriage Prospects Report. Those who are single and unmarried might get a few matrimonial proposals.

    But, there are very few possibilities of converting these proposals into marriage.

    This Month

    Significator of Love Venus has a favorable transit this month, due to which Lovers and people in relationships will have a better month as compared to people who are married. If you are thinking of proposing to your lover about getting married, it'd be wise to delay the same. For an in-depth analysis of love prospects, you can opt for our Love Prospects Report.

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    Are you worried about your relationship, facing problems in love, not able to find love in your life, compatibility issues, marriage not happening, bickering and fighting in married life and many other questions coming in your mind? You are likely to face some hindrances in this month, and your concentration might spoil since of unseen fear and illusion. Your inclination towards unproductive activities may enhance. Therefore, you should try to control your inner feelings.

    Planets are not indicating about fruitful and profitable journeys. Students belonging to Medicine and Engineering streams should be extra careful in this month, and try to put more hard work in order to do well in their semesters. Students wishing to take admission abroad could face some roadblocks in this month.

    For an in-depth analysis of your educational prospects, you should opt for our Educational Prospects Report. Long-distance traveling for business or official reasons is unlikely to yield much of favorable results in this month. When to plan your travel, so you get the best results, traveling abroad, getting a visa, delay in visa, immigration possible or not and all other pertinent questions related to traveling issues.

    This is not a favorable transit. The health and well-being of either of your parents may cause you some concern, and one of your children also may not remain in good health.

    meihoulupon.tk This month indicates stable health for you and your spouse. You are advised to regularly take the help of exercise and maintain a proper eating schedule which is devoid of any fried or fast food. For an in-depth analysis of your health prospects, you should opt for our Health Prospects Report. Are you facing any health issues and worried about the same?