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January 10 Zodiac Birthday Signs - Your Capricorn birthday indicates that you are practical, friendly,.

Planets in Astrology lessons 5 sedna, eris, meanlunarnode, pallas, vesta, juno, ceres

In Astrology, we focus on 10 planets that are likely to influence our personalities and destinies. It is a geocentric system where the earth is the starting point for analyzing the sky. Each planet plays an important, and very precise, role.

💫 Jupiter Conjunct Galactic Center In Sagittarius 💫 ~ TRUTH, Abundance, and Cosmic Expansion

The position of the sun tells us how we assert ourselves. The sun reveals our deep personality, what moves us, our way of interacting with the world. The position of the Moon indicates how we react instinctively. The moon represents sensitivity, instinct, our moods, our imagination, and our intuition. Mercury symbolizes our mind, the way we communicate and move. It also represents eloquence, learning, exchange, commerce, writing, and our nervous system.

Planet Sedna ~ Resurrection Queen

Venus is associated with feelings and relationships. It represents charm and femininity in seduction. Venus reveals how we behave, what we let others see. Cancel your web notifications. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. I accept. Rising sign calculator. Tarot of Mademoiselle Lenormand.

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Do you expect to have good health without practicing good diet and exercise habits? Are your expectations unrealistic? What is your attitude toward other cultures or people different than yourself? Do you have unrealistic expectations or entitlement? Are you stuck on your own beliefs?

Venus enters Sagittarius

Look down on others? Are you willing to work hard to achieve ambitions?

Pluto in the Complete Horoscope

What is your attitude toward authority figures? Are you a name dropper? Do you expect preferential treatment? Will you blame your failures on lacking the right connections or help? Do you expect more from your friends, coworkers, or group associations that you give back?

https://terswardmirebi.ml Do you exploit your friends? Are you rebellious? Are your hopes and wishes purely selfish? Do you put others at risk in some way then, at the last minute, swoop in to save them and expect to be considered a savior?

Do you practice forgiveness or retribution?